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The Bond That Ties Us- Book 1 in the Eternal Bond Series

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Genre: Romance/Futuristic

The Bond That Ties Us- Book 1 in the Eternal Bond Series

Haylie knows her life is about to change the moment she sets foot on the Eurus colony. What she didn't count on was her instant, overwhelming sexual desire for the seven-foot-tall, sexy as hell alien ambassador. He's in her every thought and dream, teasing and taunting her body into a sexual frenzy.

Kamran has waited his whole life to find his bonded mate. When she arrives in the form of a slender human with brilliant eyes, he can't stop his all-consuming need to possess her. If their bond is discovered, they will be forced by Briel law to leave the colony, giving up the lives they've worked so hard to build.While Haylie and Kamran fight their growing desire, their colony is threatened by an unseen enemy. 

When the colony comes under attack by a brutal alien force, can Haylie and Kamran keep their bond a secret and stop the invasion in time to save everyone?

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Fate had nothing to do with her winning the position of the new colony’s security chief. It was hard work and making sure she was in the right place at the right time.

Yet things don’t go Haylie’s way from the moment she sets foot on the colony. First her body kicks into sexual overdrive sending her into an aroused state that would make a nymphomaniac blush. To make matters worse, the object of her desire is the Briel Ambassador. At almost seven feet tall, with jet black hair and silver eyes, Haylie can’t seem to go five minutes without thinking about him. Or more accurately, she’s catching bits and pieces of his feelings and thoughts in her head. Her relationship with the Ambassador is so distracting that she’s having difficulty concentrating on her job. If anyone finds out about their bond, she will lose her position and will be forced by Briel tradition to move to his home world and give up her newfound independence. There’s no way she will let that happen.

Kamran, Briel Ambassador to the human colony, Eurus, has waited his whole life to find his mate. When she arrives in the form of a slender human, he’s dumbfounded. Never in the history of his people has there been an instance of a Briel and an off-worlder forming a mating bond. Even with all the signs pointing to Haylie being “the one”, he can’t risk the possibility that he may miss his true Briel mate. It’s too bad his body won’t listen to logic. The sex between them is explosive the first time they are alone. And it only grows from there.



Solid storytelling, creative plot, and decadent sensuality. The Bond That Ties Us is a highly erotic, fast paced, heart pounding love story that will grip readers from page one and not let go until the very end. With her captivating characters, vivid descriptions and excellent imagination, this new author of erotic romance is going to leave readers salivating for more. 
~ Cathryn Fox--Award winning Author

"Christine d'Abo's debut novel sizzles with sexy-hot prose and deeply intriguing characters - a must-read for fans of steamy futuristic romance. The Bond That Ties Us will leave you sighing with satisfaction. Don't miss this hot new author!"
~ Julianne MacLean --USA Today bestselling author

"The Bond That Ties Us is a fascinating futuristic tale that I greatly enjoyed. The plot flows smoothly with plenty of action to keep both the sex and the relationship fresh and intriguing. Those readers who are looking for in-depth plot and enticing romance with a futuristic tone will find The Bond That Ties Us an appealing read."
~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"This story will keep you captivated from the very first page. Each encounter is more passionate than the one before and will leave you breathless in the end. Ms. d'Abo definitely knows her stuff {lucky husband}!"
~ CoffeeTime Romance

"Ms. d'Abo wrote a great story. I liked how she used the love at first sight approach with a twist. It was more chemistry reacting to one another and developing into a love relationship. It snagged me from the first word which isn't always easy to do. I've just been lucky enough to choose books that I really enjoy reading."
~ My Book Cravings


Haylie’s heart was racing, palms sweating, and the tingling of her skin traveled across her body pooling between her legs. All of the short range travel she’d done on cargo runs had never generated this type of reaction in her. And while deep space travel was a bit harder on the system, it didn’t explain the build up of energy. Haylie took a deep breath and hoped to ease the tight feeling in her chest. But it didn’t lessen, instead increasing in intensity with each step that the Briel took towards her.

My god. She felt a creeping wetness between her legs, her nipples tightened as they rubbed against her undershirt. Her Briel took another step closer, and she felt the tremor of an orgasm starting. My god.

“I can’t wait to meet this guy. I wonder what he...” Sara stopped mid sentence. She quickly took Haylie by the shoulders and led her out of the line.

“What are you doing, Sara?”

“Hun, you're scaring me. What's wrong?”

“I...I think I need to sit down.”

"Over here, lean against the bulkhead. Head between your knees and take nice deep breaths."

Haylie felt warm, but her approaching orgasm dissipated as they moved away from the Briel. What the hell was wrong with her?

"This is great. The administration is going to send my ass right back on the next shuttle to Earth. 'Sorry, Miss Bond, no wimps allowed'."

The weight of her long ponytail lifted from her shoulders as Sara gathered it in her hands.

"Come on. Section four of our contract clearly stated, they can't fire us until after your ten-day probation period expires."

"You're making that up."

"Damn right I am. So smarten up and show a little backbone, Bond."

This time the laughter didn't come. "Something's wrong." Haylie had difficulty making her voice work. It barely rose above a whisper.

"I'm not blind. What do you feel? Nauseous?"


Wonderful. How the hell to explain this one? Haylie inhaled deeply again, but her rising chest increased the pressure of her traveling suit against her tight nipples. Bad move. The sensation only drove her body closer to the edge.

“Okay, that’s it. I’m hauling your ass into the med bay. They can debrief us later.”

Haylie grabbed Sara’s arm and yanked her back down hard. “I don’t need a medical. I’m fine.”

“Bullshit you are. You just said something’s wrong. I’m talking now as your doctor. You need a full exam. God knows what kind of bug you picked up.”

“I’m not sick!”

“What then?”

“You can never make something easy can you?” Haylie shifted her weight but immediately regretted the movement as it pulled her jumpsuit tight against her crotch. She tried to keep her voice as quiet as possible. “I’m horny. Okay? Happy?”

For the first time in the sixteen years they’d known each other, Sara was speechless.

Christine d'Abo © 2007
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