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The Bond That Heals Us--Book 2 in the Eternal Bond Series

Genre: Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9937319-4-5
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The Bond That Heals Us--Book 2 in the Eternal Bond Series

Sara Fergus has been so busy saving the lives of others, her own life has passed her by. But when a mysterious alien captain crash lands his ship on the Eurus colony, Sara feels an unexplained attraction to him and decides to throw herself into an unexpected love affair.

The last thing Davin Jagt wants is to walk into a relationship with anyone, let alone a feisty human doctor. But when he is force to stay on the colony, Davin can’t help but be drawn to Sara’s strength and spirit. As long as he can hide the true nature of his healing abilities from her, everything will be fine.

When a group of miners on the planet begin to exhibit unusual behavior, Davin must put his fears aside and work with Sara to save their lives.

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“You know if there are aliens out there who are like these guys we need to get our butts in gear and get into space. Sexy aliens, forceful women, dreadful monsters, mind-blowing sex- to be completely frank it was the complicated meshing of the fears, guilts, hopes and dreams along with these that brought about a lively, full-bodied read that kept my interest throughout.” Alternative Read.com

 “The Bond That Heals Us is the second book in Ms. d’Abo’s ongoing Eternal Bonds series. ... The intricately crafted plot flows smoothly from scene to scene, and there is plenty of suspense and action as our hero and heroine hunt for the source endangering the entire colony. This is one fascinating futuristic story/series that you don’t want to miss.” Literary Nymphs Reviews

 “Strong characters, plot twists and passionate love combine in the pages of The Bond That Heals Us to produce a tale that will keep the reader on the edge of their seats. Christine D’Abo is one author that should be on everyone’s list” Sensual Reads.com

 “Christine d’ Abo writes some of the best sci-fi romances out there...The passion and sex between them is hot and steamy. Ms. d’Abo can sure write some excellent sex scenes. ... For a steamy romance with a hero and heroine who will not disappoint, definitely pick up The Bond That Heals Us and introduce yourself to the world that Christine d’Abo has invented” Just Erotic Romance Reviews

 “Wow.  Let me start with wow.  ...  What a fantastic series... ...  Ms. d’Abo has captured the essence of not only being human, but those who strive for the best they can be, and at the same time have a very vulnerable side.  I could go on and on, gushing about how wonderful this book was, but that would slow you down from getting it yourself, or I might accidentally give something away.  Let it be enough that I strongly and Joyfully Recommend The Bond That Heals Us as one of my July reads.”Joyfully Reviewed – Recommended Read


Sara swayed, her head suddenly feeling dizzy. Davin’s arms were around her as she leaned hard against him. The strength and warmth from his body seemed to seep into her, giving her a slight boost, but not enough to help her overcome the overwhelming pull of her emotions.

“I think you hit your head a bit harder than you realized. I need to get you back to med bay,” he said with more concern than a stranger really should.

“My quarters are closer. I have a med kit there.”

She tried to walk away, but Davin scooped her up in his arms. Sara would have fought him under normal conditions, but it was easier to give in. If anyone thought it odd that their chief of medical was being carried away by an alien they’d never seen before, no one said anything.

Davin managed to get her close to her quarters with little direction on her part. When she was only a short distance away, she tried to get him to put her down so she could walk under her own power.

“And lose my chance to touch your sweet ass, I don’t think so,” he said in a voice loud enough to turn the head of a passing engineer.

“Do you try to embarrass people?” she said, her face flaming.

“People? No. Apparently just you. This yours?”

“Thank god. I’d hate to have to share this honor.”

Still, he didn’t set her down. Instead, Sara was forced to lean over and press her hand against the ID scanner to unlock her door.

The air inside was cool as the door whooshed shut behind them. Davin walked across her small living room and set her gently on her couch. Instead of moving away, she was surprised when he sat down beside her and began to remove his gloves.

“Nice place. Roomy.”

Suddenly feeling nervous being this close to him, all alone, Sara began to chatter away.

“You should have seen the room we had when we first arrived. They had us sharing quarters in a place half this size. Thank god I was sharing with Haylie or I would have gone—what the hell are you doing?”

Davin had tossed his gloves aside on the coffee table and reached up to place his hand in the middle of her chest.

“I’m making your head better. Now sit still.”

“I don’t think so, buddy. I’ve just met you, you’re the reason I have a bump on my head in the first place and now you want to feel me up!”

“Feel you up?”

The confused look on his face was almost cute. Sara sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Touching my breasts. You know, these things.”

She motioned her hands in front of her breasts as if to cup them. Davin’s gaze followed her action and she watched as he licked his lips.

“Perhaps we’ll save that for another time. Right now, I simply want to heal your wound.”
Dropping her hands in her lap, Sara shook her head. “And how to do you propose to do that?”

“What do you know about my people?” He said the words quietly, his normal teasing tone surprisingly gone.

“Nothing,” she shrugged, sneaking a glance at his arms. “Who did Kamran say your people are?”


Unable to stop herself anymore, Sara reached up and traced her finger down along his arm. She could almost feel the lines of the tattoo and the intricate patters woven on his skin.

“Do all your people have these?” she spoke quietly, enjoying the feeling of touching him.
Davin didn’t move. His eyes were fixed on her face, while she stared at where her finger connected with his skin.

“We do, but they are different depending on which cast you are born into. And which cast you pledge yourself to.”

She continued to trace the tattoo all the way down his forearm to the top of his hands. When she started to retrace her path, he caught her wrist, lifting it an inch.

“Touch is a very powerful thing for my people. It has the power to heal, the power to kill. Or the power to arouse.”

Sara’s gaze shot to his and she could see it. See the desire dancing in his golden eyes, the tightness of his jaw as he swallowed hard. Her heart began to pound and she found herself being drawn into his arousal. Her nipples hardened and she couldn’t get enough air into her lungs.

“I’ve only just met you,” she said, her voice shaking.

“I brought you here to heal your head. Not claim you as my mate.”

She shivered at the thought of being in his bed, under him as he slammed his cock hard into her. That is, if he had a cock. Sara looked down between his legs and could see the outline of a large bulge straining in his pants. Davin took her hand that he was holding and pressed it to his cock.

“I trust we are compatible,” he drawled, a sexy half smile on his face.

Whether it was from the concussion or her own ignored desires, Sara wrapped her hand around his shaft and squeezed. She sucked in a breath, amazed at his girth. “I thought you weren’t going to…do this?”

“Can you blame me?”

Christine d'Abo © 2008
Ellora's Cave



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