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The Bond that Consumes Us -- Christine d'Abo

Genre: Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9937319-5-2

Amazon | Kobo | iBooks

The Bond that Consumes Us

Taber, Chief of Security for the Eurus colony, has a secret, one he is ashamed to tell even his closest friends. One he wants to keep hidden. When he’s asked to investigate a series of murders on a pleasure ship, he must come to terms with his past as he tries to fight his attraction to the ship’s feisty female bartender. 

Fallon doesn’t know what to make of the tall, brooding alien who has walked into her bar. She’d like nothing more than to get Taber into her bed until she learns that Briel don’t have casual relationships. 

When a night of passion leads to a confession, Fallon can’t help but fall in love with Taber, despite the danger it puts him in. When the murderer focuses on Fallon, Taber will do anything to protect her. Even sacrifice his life.





The Bond that Consumes Us is a wonderful follow up to the first two in the series ...  Ms D’Abo has come up with a fantastic working group of people in a futuristic setting that is believable.  I enjoy how Ms. D’Abo writes characters that are believable and she definitely has a way with writing super sexy and erotic scenes.  ...  I enjoyed The Bound that Consumes Us so much that I had to read it in one setting, no matter that it was long past my bedtime.” Joyfully Reviewed

 “The chemistry and passion between them [the characters] was so hot I felt my fingers singe from the pages. ” Night Owl Romance – Recommended Read [GRAPHIC ATTACHED]

 “... The Bond That Consumes Us will leave us all wanting our very own mate like the ones Christine d’Abo creates so beautifully.” Sensual Reads.com

 “The Bond That Consumes Us is the latest release by Christine d’Abo in her ongoingEternal Bonds series, and it’s another winner. Whether you enjoy futuristic stories or not, this well-written and fast-paced romance will grab your attention from the beginning pages and kept it until you read the last word. ... This type of story, especially one so well thought out and with such interesting characters, works, no matter what the genre.” Literary Nymphs Reviews

 “Wow! I picked this one up and couldn’t put it down. ... I thought this was a fantastic story, full of rich characters and fast paced enough to keep me reading until the story was done. Don’t miss it!” The Romance Studio – CAPA Nomination for best Erotic Paranormal Romance


A very attractive human stepped forward, holding out his hand. His short, cropped blond hair suited his leanly built frame. But when she looked into his eyes, she could tell he had survived a lot of hardships. She’d seen the same distant look in many sets of eyes over the years here in the bar.

“Hello, Ms. Reist. My name is Sean Donaldson and this is Taber. We’ve been asked by your captain to investigate the murder of Nate Keaton.”

“Oh lord, call me Fallon. I’m a bartender, not an officer. I’d be more than happy to show you and Mr. Taber where I found Nate.”

She was about to turn when the alien spoke.

“It’s just Taber.”

She’d done her best to try and ignore the seven-foot-tall giant standing in front of her. And until he’d actually said something, she might have been able to manage it, pretending he was nothing more than a moving wall. But there was something about his voice, the way he said his name that made her really look at him.

He was by far the most attractive man she’d ever seen. His eyes were dark blue, so dark they almost looked black if it weren’t for the crystal blue flecks near the center. They were eyes that showed intelligence, sadness and strength. His black hair was cut short along the sides of his head, with the top a bit longer. She could tell by the way he stood, wide and confident, that he was military.

His wide, muscular shoulders were barely contained in his midnight blue tunic. The belt around his waist would have wrapped around her three or four times. His muscular legs were clad in snug fitting pants. She assumed it gave him free and easy movement for when he had to chase down the bad guys. It also gave her an amazing view of the massive thighs and firm ass.

What would it be like to have a man like that in her bed?

Somehow Fallon brought her eyes back up to his face and managed to smile. It took a lot to make her blush, but for a moment she thought she might be as red as Tony. The thoughts of what he could do to her body with his large hands and wide, full lips made her shiver. Maybe he’d be the type of man who would be willing to take charge in bed, feed her craving, her desire to be controlled.

When she tried to speak again, nothing wanted to come out. Her heart was starting to increase in rhythm and there was sudden stirring in her lower belly. All she could imagine was him fucking her senseless. He seemed to notice her hesitation and cocked a single eyebrow at her in question.

“We found his body back here,” Lance piped up and made his way over to the back supply room.

Thank you, Lance.

Christine d'Abo © 2007
Ellora's Cave


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