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Primal Elements

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Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Futuristic Romance
ISBN: #9781419918254

Primal Elements

The last thing Jenna Robins wants for her thirtieth birthday is a trip to the Perfect Match dating service, but she is given little choice from her group of friends. What she doesn’t expect is to be “matched” with Ben Hawthorn, her arrogant and handsome, ex-boss. Her opinion of Ben hasn’t softened much since he sabotaged her research project by pulling the funding at the last minute seven years ago.

But after a night of passion and the discovery of an alien artifact, Ben and Jenna are forced to come to terms with their past relationship as the device draws them closer together physically and emotionally. They must rely on each other if they are to survive an attack from an old foe, and the force of their own attraction.

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Primal Elements by Christine D’Abo lives up to its name by boiling things down to an elemental level, positive and negative, good and evil, love and hate. All these things must have their opposite to exist and so goes the plot of this book. The hero and heroine are completely different, but joined on a level that exceeds anything they understand. I really enjoyed the interaction between the main characters and their friends as well as how they learned to adjust to each other. A funny, entertaining and sarcastic book, Ms. D’Abo has a bright future in fiction ahead if this is anything to go by.” Manic Readers

Primal Elements is sexy, gripping, and wholly delightful...I Joyfully Recommend Primal Elements.  It’s a sparkling, fast-paced tale brimming with action, sensuality, and romance.  I simply could not put it down.” Joyfully Reviewed, Recommended Read


“Close your eyes,” he said in a low voice.

Unable to resist such an invitation, her lids fluttered shut. Every nerve in her body was stretched in a vain attempt to anticipate what Ben would do. So when he whispered in her ear, she jumped.

“Now I have a dilemma,” his hot breath swirled around her ear. “You didn’t tell me where you wanted me to kiss you.”

She tried to speak, but he squeezed her hand still held captive on the doorknob.

“Now, now. It’s more fun when I have to figure things out on my own.”

Jenna’s heart couldn’t possibly beat any faster than it was at that moment. His hand slid from hers and brushed the neckline of her dress.

“Personally, I would love to place a kiss right here.” He brushed his fingertips above her cleavage. “But I don’t think that’s what you had in mind with your request.”

His fingers traced a slow path up her chest to stop at her collarbone. She shivered, goose bumps rising on her skin.

“This looks like it has potential, but I think you would prefer something closer to here.”

Again his fingertips journeyed higher, this time stopping at the hollow below her earlobe. Jenna sucked in a small breath.

“Here? Is this the spot, Professor? Should I test my hypothesis?”

Without another word, Ben lowered his lips to her neck. His tongue found her overly sensitive skin, caressed her neck and suckled her earlobe. Jenna flexed her fingers against Ben’s chest, encouraging him on. She almost opened her eyes in protest when he pulled back.

“Hmm, I don’t think that was quite right. Will you give me another chance?”

“Yes,” her voice was almost desperate.

“Thank you. I promise I’ll get it right this time. Now I think I was close last time. I was close, wasn’t I?”

She couldn’t help it. Jenna opened her eyes to look at her tormentor. His hazel eyes were almost swallowed by the blacks of his pupils. His lips were wet, parted slightly, poised for further contact

“Yes, you were close.”

“I see.” Reaching up he brushed her lips with his thumb. “I wouldn’t want to be accused of being traditional, but I would very much like to kiss your lips. Would you like that?”

As if on cue, her eyes closed and she tilted her face towards his. If he didn’t kiss her soon she was going to scream.

Ben chuckled, “I see I’ve found the spot.”

Christine d'Abo © 2008
Ellora's Cave


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