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Candy King- Christine D'abo


Candy King - Christine D'abo


Sugar & Spice -- Christine d'Abo


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Which way is best for you to get book news from me?

 - My Newsletter: This is the place to get all the updates you could possibly want! I chat, run contests, offer free reads and other fun things. I will never sell or share your information with anyone. You're Woodstock to my Snoopy, people! 

- BookBub: Not in to the monthly updates? No problem! BookBub will send you a brief notice of my book releases and sale. 

- Twitter: Want to get to know the real me? I'm always on Twitter and ready to chat. I will also talk about new releases, but that's few and far between. 

- Facebook: I'm on Facebook a bit, but not always the best place to read me. But I'm there and when I'm on, I'm happy to chat. 


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