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Long Shots

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Carina Press
ISBN: 9781426896491
Genre: Erotic Romance

Naughty Nicks

Kim has been the coordinator at Naughty Nicks, home of the sexiest Santa strippers, every Christmas for three years--and for just as long, she's lusted after her boss. She enjoys their flirty banter and heated looks, but she's getting tired of Blake being nice when she's feeling naughty. This year, there's only one kind of Christmas bonus she wants.

With each passing holiday season, Blake's attraction to Kim has grown. But after a bitter divorce, he's not sure he's ready to jump into a new relationship, especially with an employee. One passionate kiss under the mistletoe and he realizes he's had enough of looking and not touching. Fortunately, he knows the perfect way to seduce Kim--a private striptease to prove she's the only elf for his Naughty Nick.

Naughty Nicks is also available in the Seasons of Seduction anthology.

Season of Seduction

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“The sex is hot. The characters are awesome. There is even a kiss under the mistletoe. What more could you want in a Christmas romance? Okay, as an added bonus there are male strippers. Yep, this short story has everything needed to be the perfect Christmas story.” ~ Night Owl Reviews


“Naughty Nicks Frosted Fantasies. Where one of Santa’s helpers will bring you a special present from the not-so-frozen North. My name is Elf Kim, how may I help you?”

The giggles on the other end of the line weren’t reassuring. Chances were this was yet another busted call, wasting Kim’s time but hopefully providing her with some laughs. It wasn’t surprising, given the nature of the company and what they were marketing. Stripper Santas weren’t totally unheard of in Toronto, but Naughty Nicks was the gold standard in that particular niche market.

“Umm…hi. So, Naughty Nicks?” The girl on the other end of the phone sounded old enough to be legally enquiring about their services. She hoped. “Do they…umm…get…you know.”

“Naked?” Some of the boys they’d hired to strip would give the clients a penis helicopter if they asked nicely. I better send Ryan another reminder not to do that again. “We can discuss options, but most are not safe for work. It depends on the package you buy and how old the audience will be.”

More giggling, no doubt because Kim said package. Maybe they’re not of age. She’d need to confirm a driver’s license to make sure. She made a side note about having a PG-13 version for customers who fell into the questionable category. Not that she’d think Blake would want to dilute the Naughty Nicks brand, but it was always good to have options.

“You would need to sign some paperwork for that of course. Naughty Nicks does all we can to prevent minors from seeing any inappropriate North Poles, if you catch my meaning.”

Okay, she really did have an awesome part-time job.

“That’s fine. This is for a friend’s bachelorette party. She’s getting married in the Dominican and we can’t all afford to go. So you know—”

“Naked Santa. Gotcha.”

Twenty minutes later Kim had written down her new client’s name, put a booking fee on her credit card and provided her with the special link to the catalogue of Naughty Nicks. There weren’t as many men as there’d been last year, though Kim wasn’t complaining about the quality. Blake had caught her flipping through the website more than once, testing the links.

Hey, there had to be some perks to the job.

She was winding down the sales and information pitch when Blake came in from the street, a burst of cold air and snow close on his heels. Being the only recurring office employee for Naughty Nicks three years in a row had helped teach her how to mask her reactions every time her boss came into the room. Kim had long been able to hide the hitch in her breathing when he’d lean over her shoulder. She gave no indication at the way her pussy would clench when he’d brush up against her in the confined space of the office.

The hardened nipples were harder to mask, especially with her nipple rings. That was until she’d discovered the joys of padded bras. No pokey indicators of arousal, thank you very much.

After their one-night stand and his impromptu job offering, he’d never done anything to pursue her in a sexual manner again. It was beyond frustrating. Sure she’d said that she wanted to remain commitment free and that it had all been about the sex, but that had been three years ago. A girl was allowed to change her mind.

Blake stamped his feet, knocking off the stubborn slush onto the thick doormat, before freeing himself of his leather winter coat. Kim didn’t miss a beat with her conversation closing, being able to say the damn thing in her sleep now.

“Thank you for choosing Naughty Nicks, where we love to heat up your holiday.”

By the time Kim hung up the receiver, Blake had kicked off his boots and slipped into his sneakers. Oh good, that meant he was staying for a while. Her day was looking up indeed.


Christine d'Abo © 2012
Carina Press


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