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Working It-- Christine D'Abo


30 Nights -- Christine D'Abo


Devil's Doorbell -- Christine D'Abo

Join My Mailing List -- Christine D'Abo

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Coming Soon
No Remedy
Faking It Making It The Bond That Ties Us -- Christine D'Abo  
Working It
Coming 2017
Faking It
Coming 2017
Making It
Coming 2017
The Bond that Ties Us
Bounty Series  
No Quarter
No Remedy
No Master
The Shadow Guild
Giled Hearts -- Christine D'Abo
Quick Silver Soul -- Christine D'Abo

Long Shots series

Double Shot

A Shot in the Dark
Pulled Long
Calling the Shots
Choose Your Shot
Long Shots

Erotic Romance

Submissive Seductions
Sexapades -- Christine D'Abo
All Bottled Up
30 Days
30 Nights

Erotic Novellas

Battheries Not Required  -- Christine D'Abo
Facing Dallas  -- Christine D'Abo
The Dom Around the Corner -- Christine D'Abo
Snapped -- Christine D'Abo
Nailed -- Christine D'Abo
Nauty Nick




Rebound Remedy
Taste Test
Theory of Attraction (A Shot in the Dark)
Agony/Ecstasy: Original Stories of Agonizing Pleasure/Exquisite Pain

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