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Devil's Doorbell -- Christine D'Abo


No Quarter -- Christine D'Abo


No Remedy -- Christine D'Abo

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My name is Christine and this is my home on the Internet. Please feel free and explore my site, check out some of my books and fun links. I love to chat about the latest TV shows, the latest books on the shelves and the fun adventures I have planned for my characters on Twitter and Facebook.

This site is intended for persons 18 years or older.

"Christine d'Abo, don't miss this hot new author!"
Julianne MacLean,
USA Today bestselling author

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From Christine’s Desk

The weather has finally turned nice, which means lots of opportunities for everyone to be outside. I know I'll be switching between gardening and sitting on my deck with a good book.

The next few months also see the release of my BOUNTY series. Yes, my space pirates and bounty hunters have taken to the sky once more. You can find the release dates on my Books Page.

In addition to my BOUNTY series, next month will see the release of 30 NIGHTS! Glenna and Eric discover the sex cards and get to have lots of naughty fun.

If you want to keep up-to-date on all of my releases, free reads and contests, I encourage you to sign up for my monthly newsletter

I love to hear from readers as well! Feel free to drop me an email at christine@christinedabo.com.

Wishing you all a happy and safe spring. 



No Quarter Book one in the Bounty series

RiptideAmazon | Kobo
ARe | iBooks | Smashwords

Riptide Publishing
Genre: M/M Erotic
ISBN: # 9781626493995


No Quarter
Book one in the Bounty series

When bounty hunter Gar Stitt is on the trail of his mark, everyone knows their days are numbered. When he is given a simple locate and retrieve mission, he’s convinced it is a waste of his skills.

There isn’t a more prolific space pirate in the galaxy than Captain Faolan Wolf. When he walks into a bar with a proposition heavy in mind, he’s not expecting anything to go wrong.

Forced from his solitary existence to work with Faolan, Gar can’t deny his attraction to a man who he should put in prison. When the hunter becomes the hunted, Gar must learn to put his faith in a man he doesn’t know, or run the risk of ending up dead.

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The Devil's Door -- Christine D'Abo

Amazon | Kobo | iBooks

Genre: Erotic
ISBN: # 978-1940078229


The Devil's Doorbell

A woman's pleasure is a dangerous thing. A primal appetite that, once awakened, can never be sated. A secret that gives power to those who know it. A magic that, once unleashed, can never be contained.

Some say the clitoris is the devil's doorbell, set to summon him forth at the merest touch...

It's time to ring the bell.

Here are seven tales of sexual empowerment and erotic defiance, featuring the hottest storytellers of erotic fiction.




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